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Les Beatles du

L.P. :

The Family Way (by George Martin Orchestra)1/67
McCartney 4/70
Ram 5/71
Wild Life 12/71
Red Rose Speedway 4/73
Band On the Run 12/73
Venus & Mars 5/75
Wings At the Speed of Sound 3/76
Wings Over America 12/76
Thrillington (by Percy "Thrills" Thrillington) 4/77
London Town 3/78
Wing's Greatest 11/78
Back To the Egg 5/79
McCartney II 5/80
Concerts For the People of Kampuchea 3/81
Tug of War 4/82
Pipes of Peace 10/83
Give My Regards To Broad Street 10/84
Press To Play 8/86
All the Best 11/87
Back In the USSR 10/88
Flowers In the Dirt 6/89
Tripping the Live Fantastic 11/90
Mccartney Unplugged 5/91
The Liverpool Oratorio 10/91
Off the Ground 4/93
Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest (by The Fireman) 11/93
Paul Is Live 11/93
Flaming Pie
Standing Stones
E.P.& Singles
Love In the Open Air (Theme from the Family Way)
Another Day/Oh Woman, Oh Why?
Uncle Aibert/Admiral Halsey/Too Many People
Backseat of My Carl/Herart of the Country
Give Ireland Back to the Irish/Inst version
Mary Had A Little Lamb/Little Woman Love
Hi Hi Hi/C Moon
My Love/The Mess
Live & Let Die/I Lie Around
Helen Wheels/Country Dreamer
Band On the Run/Zoo Gang
Walking In the Park With Eloise/Bridge Over the River Suite
Junior's Farm/Sally G
Listen To What the Man Said/Love In Song
Letting Go/You Gave Me the Answer
Venus & Mars\Rock Show/Magneto & Titanium Man
Silly Love Songs/Cook of the House
Let Em In/Beware My Love
Maybe I'm Amazed/Soily
Uncle Albert\Admiral Halsey/Eat At Home
Seaside Woman/B Side to the Seaside
Mull of Kintyre/Girl's School
With A Little Luck/Cuff Link
I've Had Enough/Deliver Your Children
London Town/Im Carrying
Goodnight Tonight/Daytime Nighttime Suffering
Old Siam Sir/Arrow Through Me
Getting Closer/Baby's Request
Wonderful Christmastime/Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reggae
Coming Up/(Live version)/Lunch Box-Odd Sox
Waterfalls/Check My Machine
Temporary Secretary/Secret Friend
Ebony & Ivory (duet)/(solo version)/Rainclouds
Take It Away/Dress Me Up As A Robber/l'll Give You A Ring
Tug 0f War/Get It The Girl Is Mine (duet)/Can't Get Outta the Ram Say
Say Say/(Inst. version)/Ode To A Koala Bear
Pipes of Peace/So Bad
No More Lonely Nights/(Playout version)
We AIl Stand Together (Humming version)
Spies Like Us (Party mix)/(Alt. mix) (DJ version) My Carnival (Party mix)
Press/It's Not True
Press (Dub mix)/Hanglide
Pretty Little Head/Write Away
Only Love Remains/Tough On A Tightrope
Once Upon A Long Ago/Back On My Feet
My Brave Face/Flying To My Home 
Ou est le soleil?/(Tub dub mix)/(Inst. version)
This One/The First Stone/ I Wanna Cry /  I'm In Love Again
Figure of Eight/Ou est le soleil?
Put It There/Momma's Little Girl
Birthday/PS Love Me Do
Ail My Trials/Mull of Kintyre/C Moon / Put It There
The World You're Coming Into/Tres Conejos
Save the Child/The Drinking Song
Hope of Deliverance/Big Boys Bickering/Long Leather Coati Kicked Around No More
C'Mon People/I Can't Imaginel Keep Coming Back To Love/Down To the River
Off the Ground/Cosmieally Conscious/Style Style/Sweet Sweet Memories/Soggy Noodie

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L.P. :

Two Virgins (Unfinished Musie No. 1) 11/68
Unfinished Music N°2 : My Life With the Lions 5/69
The Wedding Abum 10/69
Live Peace At Toronto 12/69
John Lennon : Plastic Ono Band 12/70
Imagine 9/71
Sometime In New York City 6/72
Mind Games 11/73
Walls and Bridges 9/74
Rock and Roll 2/75
Shaved Fish 10/75
Double Fantasy 11/80
The John Lennon Collection 11/82
Milk and Honey 1/84
John Lennon Live In New York City 1/86
Menlove Ave 10/86
Imagine : The Motion Picture Soundtrack	10/88
Lennon (5-CD Box Set) 10/90
E.P. & Singles 
Give Peace A Chance/Remember Love 7/69
Cold Turkey/Don't Worry, Kyoko 10/69
Instant Karma/Who Has Seen the Wind? 2/70
Mother/Why? 12/70
Power To the People/Touch Me 3/71
God Save Us/Do the Oz 7/71
Imagine/It's So Hard 10/71
Happy X-Mas (War Is Over)/Listen, the Snow Is Falling 12/71
Woman Is the Nigger of the World/Sisters O Sisters 4/72
Mind Games/Meat City 10/73
Whatever Gets You Through the Night/Beef Jerky
No. 9 Dream/What You Got 9/74
Stand By Me/Move Over Ms.L 3/75
(Just Like) Starting Over/Kiss Kiss Kiss 10/80
Watching the wheels/I'm Your Angel 11/81
Woman/Beautiful Boys 1/81
Nobody Told Me/O Sanity 1/84
Jealous Guy/Stand By Me 11/88
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L.P. :

Wonderwall Music 11/68
Electronic Sound  5/69
All Things Must Pass 11/70
The Concert for Bangladesh 12/71
Living In the Material World 5/73
Dark Horse 12/74
Extra Texture (Read Ail About It) 9/75
George Harrison's Grtattst Hics 11/76
33 & 1/3 11/76
George Harrison 2/79
Somewhere In England 6/81
Gone Troppo 10/82
Cloud Mine 11/87
The Traveling Wiiburys, Volume I 10/88
The Best of Dark Horse 10/89
Nobody's Child : Romanian Angels Appeal 7/90
The Traveling Wilburys, Volume 3 10/91
George Harrison Live In Japan 10/92

E.P. & Singles

My Sweet Lord/Isn't It A Pity
What Is Life/ Apple Scruffs
Bangladesh/Deep Blue
Give Me Love/Miss O'Dell
Dark Horsell Don't Care Anymore
Ding Dong Ding Dong/Hari's On Tour
You/World of Stone
This Guitar/Maya Love
This Song/Learning How To Love You
Craekerbox Palace
Learning How To Love You
True Love/Pure Smokey
Blow Away/Soft Hearted Nana
Love Cornes To Everyone/Soft Touch
Faster/Your Love Is Forever
All Those Years Ago/Writing's On the Wall
Teardrops/Save the World
Wake Up My Love/Greece
I Really Love You/Circles
I Don't Want To Do It/Queen of the HOP
Got My Mmd Set On You/Lay His Head
When We Was Fab/Zig Zag
This Is Love/Breath Away From Heaven
Handie With Care/Margarita
End of the Line/Congratulations
Cheer Down/That's what It Takes
Nobody's Child/With A Little Help From My Friends
She's My Baby/Runaway
Wilbury Twist/New Blue Moon

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L.P. :

Sentimental Journey
Beaucoups of Blues
Goodnight Vienna
Blast From Your Past
Ringo's Rotogravure
Ringo the Fourth
Bad Boy
Stop and Smell the Roses
Old Wave
Ringo Starr and His AlI-Starr Band
Time Takes Time
Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band, Volume 2

E.P. & Singles

Beaucoups of Blues/Coochy Coochy 10/70
It Don't Corne Easy/Early 1971 4/71
Back Off Boogaloo/Blindman 3/72
Photograph/Down & Out 9/73
You're Sixteen/Devil Woman 12/73
Oh My My/Step Lightly 2/74
Only You/Call Me 11/74
The No No Song/Snookcroo 1/75
Goodnight vienna/Oo-Wee 6/75
A Dose of Rock and Roll/Cryin'  9/76
Hey Baby/Lady Gaye 11/76
Wings/Just A Dream 8/77
Lipstick Traces/Old Tîme Relovin' 4/78
Heart On My Sleeve/ who Needs A Heart 7/78
Wrack My Brain/ Drumming Is My Madness 10/81
Private Property/ Stop and Take the Tirne To 1/82
Smell the Roses In My Car/As Far As We Can Go 6/83
Act Naturally(duet with Buck Owens)/ The Key's In the Mailbox 7/89
The weight of the World/ Golden Blunders 9/92
Don't Go Where the Road Don't Go 1993

Les Beatles du
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